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2013-01-20 10:24:00 by RazorShader

Bup bup bwoop, character revisions all the way.
Made an update to Jake, Stabby and Agent Orange; the versions to the far right in the image below.
As you can see they evolved quite a bit, although the first two stories didn't contain all 3 characters. In The Quest for the Yrgonium, Stabby was a loner, where Jake teamed up with Jebus in Reprobabilitation.

I'm not sure if and if yes when I will use these versions, since I'm currently working slowly on a WWII-themed animation.
Updates about that project will follow, so brace yourself for guys like Roland Rofelkopf, Wilhelm Omgriff, Vladimir Jedski en Nikolai Lemaowicz :D :D :D


Revival and Revenge

2011-09-18 08:11:28 by RazorShader

Made it two years ago, and finally took the effort to upload it to YouTube.

3 more art pieces

2011-01-05 08:23:50 by RazorShader

I'm not dead, just pretty inactive.

Just uploaded 3 art pieces I've made about 1-2 months ago, but never took the effort to upload them here.

They all feature one of my latest protagonists, General Rofelkopf, an Allied spy in a fictive, WWII-like setting (with parody names like Great Brittane, Nazi Germanee and Soviet Rushya).
I'll upload some more when I finish it, featuring General-Polovnik Lemaowicz and Serjant Viktor Jedski from Soviet Rushya.

General Rofelkopf 1
General Rofelkopf 2
General Rofelkopf 3

Edit: Created a fourth one last night:
General Rofelkopf 4

Below: The sketch and the final result.

Update: After that fullmetal dude on KefChe stole my MadnessDay 2009 submission, I just found out about another dipshit, MadnessM0ds12, who stole "Revival and Revenge" and put it on another site.
This time it's YouTube, so when I find some time I'll have to file in one of those complaints about intellectual property theft so I get it removed at least and hopefully his YouTube account suspended.
Saddest thing about it is the quality in which he recorded my vid.
Edit: It has been removed, yay! :D

3 more art pieces


2010-07-19 19:28:59 by RazorShader

Not really that active anymore... I only check for reviews...
Still have the big Madness project on my sleeve, but as mentioned before it won't be released before MD11.

Got some ideas for art stuff too, including a new Drive-By pic. Might add them after I finish them; if I think about it ;)

It took a while, but I'm finally back.

2010-04-26 14:37:34 by RazorShader

And enough plans for my new animation. It will feature the same story as in Revival and Revenge, but this time it will involve more storyline; I'm planning on voice-acting and adding more dynamic action sequences since I believe both (especially the last one) was missing.
I'm planning on voice-acting for all myself, and adding more background to the characters themselves.
This is my voice and character planning;

Jake Laramie Tulper - Dark and low voice. His accent will be somewhere in between Dutch and American, since I'm Dutch myself (lol). The reason Agent Orange recruits him are his shooting skills, which will be shown in a scene at a shooting range where Jake's a regular.

Alexander 'Stabby' Kimble - Normal voice, British accent. Still I scientist, Stabby will be recruited by Jonathan from the World Trade Federation to use the new element he discovered for implementation in medical surgery, to sincerely use it for good stuff. Of course, the element gets stolen by the bad guys and Stabby goes berserk.

David 'Agent Orange' Florida - Normal to high pitchy voice, German accent. After inheriting his grandfathers belongings (who was a general in the Second World War), Agent Orange studies the notes from his granddad for human body enhancement.
After selecting Jake as his target guinea pig for his shooting skills he takes him to his base to test his new machine. After Jakes escape he tries to protect himself by with his Advanced Intruder Defense System and his goons.

Jonathan Gregory White - Low voice, Russian accent. Leader of the World Trade Federation, he recruits Stabby to use the element he invented, Yrgonium, for good.
When Stabby goes after Agent Orange and stuff goes wrong, he works together with Elisabeth Norris-Tulper to help him and Jake.

Elisabeth Fernly Norris-Tulper - Very high pitchy voice, same accent as Jake. I might outsource this voice to an actual girl, but I'll try my own qualities first.
She won't have a very large roll in the story, but after her hubby Jake gets in danger she decides to work together with White to save him and Stabby.

The minor characters, mainly guards and agents, will probably all have different faces (at least that's my idea for now).

After comments on my last sub I decided to make the combat scenes longer and more intense; more shooting and flipping, more 'blood and gore violence', bullet holes in walls and probably ejecting shell cases and animated slides. I'm also planning on counting the amount of shots fired to add the necessity for the characters to reload or toss away emptied weaponry.
And in case you haven't noticed yet, it will feature some lame jokes with names that are funnier when abbreviated (like the Advanced Intruder Defense System and the World Trade Federation).

All this will take quite a while, so I'm kinda sure I won't have anything submittable at MadnessDay 2010. It might come out later this year or 2011 (and then I might wait until MD11).

I'll have to post a few pieces of art I made passed months too but I'm just too fucking lazy to add my name to them. Right now. Maybe later. I suppose.

I'll post some character redesign pictures soon. Until then, enjoy reading me insult-flaming some random spam hooker. The effect will be 0, but it I enjoyed it more than I would while chatting with her. Probably.

It took a while, but I'm finally back.

In Soviet Bulgaria, admin kicks YOU!!!

2010-01-24 16:56:02 by RazorShader

SPOILER ALERT: This is a rather long post :|

I've a fun question for everyone; what difference do you notice when you compare the Flash animation movie on this link to this one?

Well probably none, because the content is the same... Which is weird, because I don't really recall myself posting Revival & Revenge someplace else than NewGrounds.
And like I said on the page where I posted it;
"Unless I specify otherwise, NewGrounds is the one and only site to display this flash."

How interesting, this was almost screaming for some deeper investigation.
After doing some research I found out the lawful site owner was Bogomil I. Pavlov, and the technical dude was named Anton Titov. I thought this Titov guy was the one to contact, so I sent him an email, but apparently his email was no longer in use.
So I decided to send the following message to the Pavlov fellow;

Dear Mr. Pavlov,

I've a request concerning content placed on KefChe.bg, of which you're the administrative contact - according to http://whois.domaintools.com/kefche.bg . Earlier this day I tried to email the technical contact, Mr. Titov, but apparently the email address I found there was invalid.
I'm an animator who made a Flash movie a few months ago called "Revival & Revenge", which I released September 22 on NewGrounds. I clearly stated that "unless I specify otherwise, NewGrounds is the one and only site to display this flash".
Unfortunately an individual going by the nickname of "fullmetal" has downloaded multiple Flash submissions from NewGrounds and posted them on KefChe.bg.
Since I didn't give this person permission to post my Flash movie on your site (he didn't even contact me about it) and this movie still is my intellectual property, I kindly request to remove at least "Revival & Revenge" from KefChe.bg and maybe the other movies as well, since I highly doubt whether this "fullmetal" person has asked permission from the other authors to post theirs.

Yours sincerely,

The NewGrounds link to my Flash movie (to verify I truely am who I say I am);

The KefChe.net link to my unlawfully posted Flash movie (my artist's name "RazorShader" is also clearly displayed on the first screen);

The account page of "fullmetal";


I waited a few days, but since I didn't get any response I decided to pm the pathetic wanker who stole my (and a lot of other's) animation; some simple retard going by the name of "fullmetal".
I sent him this message;


A few mistakes

Hello fullmetal,

I recently found out you posted some Madness Combat tributes, which I thought was cool because I like Madness Combat myself (I made a few tributes myself actually).
You can imagine how surprised I was to find my own NewGrounds submission "Revival & Revenge" on Kefche, especially because I wrote on its original page that "Unless I specify otherwise, NewGrounds is the one and only site to display this flash.".
Don't ask me why, but this far I haven't specified otherwise, so this is where we bump into a few mistakes.

Mistake #1: This animation is posted on Kefche, despite my declaration for NewGrounds being the only place on the Internet to have the right to display my movie.

Mistake #2: You posted this on Kefche without my permission; you didn't even ask. If you would have asked for my permission, you wouldn't have gotten it though, but if you planned to put it here you should have asked.

Mistake #3: You posted it in the game section. Why in death's name would you do that? This is not a game; it's an animated video or animated movie, whatever you want to call it, but not a game. A game is interactive, but the only thing here to click is the play button.

Mistake #4: Author credit. I made that animation, and my artist name is RazorShader. However, it doen't say "Revival & Revenge from RazorShader". It says "Revival & Revenge from fullmetal". Wait a minute, what did you contribute to the animation then? As far as I remember I made it myself. You shouldn't get any credit for anything, since the only thing you did was posting it on another site without my permission, without asking me, without giving me credit.

I assume you make up for your mistake by removing my Flash submission.
I recommend you ask the other authors for permission to place their animations on Kefche. If they deny your request, I believe you should remove it like you'll have to remove my animation.

I severely hope you will cover up for your mistakes by removing my animation from Kefche and that you don't make them again.

Kind regards,


I tried to daily check my inbox on the KefChe site (yeah I actually had to make an account on RipoffGrounds in order to contact this guy).
There were no messages in my inbox last time I checked before today. When I tried to login today I found out there was no user named "RazorShader" in their system.

I knew Bulgaria had a Soviet Union background, but I never would have thought they still would make people disappear these days.

I was so overwhelmed by this I tried if my account was really removed, so I tried re-registering. And now I could login again but my outbox was empty of course.
So what in deaths name are these pathetic pigfuckers trying to achieve?
I simply explained my problem to the unlawfully posting maniac and the slutty site owner, and apparently messaging one or both of them was enough to get me kicked from their site...
As far as I'm concerned for now they've declared the war.


A small list of what KefChe has stolen from NewGrounds:

From Proxicide:
Madness: Rising

From L3pra:
Midnight Madness

From Coft:
A tricky animation

From DutchinLive:

From GabrielBarsch:
Madness Manager 1

From MortalSymphony:
Madness Gun Sounds!

From Crazymonkey154:
A totally random day
Music Vid - White and Nerdy
Madness T E T R I S'D

From Mesmay:
Resurrection of a Clown

Written by Ebolaworld and lots of other people's voices:
Life in Portal: Madness

From the Madness agitation 3 collab (no, I'm not going to link to everybody):
Madness agitation 3

From Sunshaft:
Heavy Damage

From LyTzz:
Madness - Preloaded
Madness - Preloaded II

From MakoSucks:
Madness of the Dead

From Jess-The-Dragoon:
Madness Manufactory

From Krinkels, yes, that basterd fullmetal even stole Krinkel's animation:
Madness Combat 5.5

From DeathW1ng:
Madness Psychosis

From tasers:
Dadness Combat

From erixs:
Certain Madness
Madness Advancement

From El-Sammo:
A Madness Mystery

From DJTrickyM:
Madness Lollyland RE

From Littleluckylink:
Dawn of the Madness

From DeadBeat606:
Madness Tribulation II

From Alpha-Nuva:
Fitzkore Madness
Hunt of the Shoop 2 Pt. 1
Redness Precedence

From smotez:
Madness desultory 2

From RazorShader:
Revival & Revenge

Jake Restyle.

2010-01-18 14:29:15 by RazorShader

Yah, I restyled him again. I don't know why I couldn't come up with the final version two years ago, because when I restyle my protagonist I somehow always wind up redrawing all sprites.

Version 1 was used in Madness: Reprobabilitation on MadnessDay 2008

Version 2 was created short after MD'08, basically experimenting with no outlines.

Version 3 was the crappiest, working without outlines was a bitch so I took V2 Jake and gave a lot of parts an outline, but they never were suitable for it. This one actually isn't that much different from V2, but messed up enough to disconnect from its original to become a version of his own. I really hate this version and I think it actually could be the reason of me postponing working on my MadnessDay 2009 animation

Version 4 was used in Revival & Revenge on MadnessDay 2009

Version 5 was created by me today.
His head and hands are bigger for a more cartoony effect (so far bigger has been cuter), I remade the bandage/cloth thingy on his head so I'll never have to think again which half should be put over which half (also lots of easier to draw in class, lmao).
I gave him a black coat and fingerless gloves, something I planned to do for MD'09 as well, but it was too short before the scheduled release date to re-animate the scenes I had so far.
The craters around his eyes are smooth now, because I wanted to get rid of the whole Jebus reference. Because of this I might even decide to change the eye color from red to yellow, but that would be something actually quite easy to change.

Jake Restyle.


2010-01-05 15:24:41 by RazorShader

I've been re-scouted for the Art portal (I wonder whether this is the third or the fourth time, lmao).
Muchas gracias to Nuttro for scouting me :D

Ow that's great. Some retarded fuckface going by the name of "fullmetal" has stolen "Revival and Revenge", and posted it on another site (without my permission).
This guy has posted a lot of Flashes from other NG authors, but I asked the technical contact from this site to remove my Flash from there.
More stolen stuff;

Merry Christmas NewGrounds

2009-12-17 13:21:33 by RazorShader

Well it's not Christmas yet, but still... Merry Christmas :D :D :D
The piece of art below is something i made today. I'll upload it to the Art Portal later this week. Or next week. If I don't forget to.

Merry Christmas NewGrounds

Jake in 3d

2009-11-24 15:36:43 by RazorShader

I'm working on it now, I'm currently as far as in the image, and I started this afternoon.
I use Maya 2009, the software package I use at my Game Design study.

I might make a small game with it when I have way more characters, animations, environments and a programmer at my school crazy enough to assist me.
For the game I'll have to convert the nurbs to polygons, ergo from nice and smooth to more blocky and triangulated, but I'll try to maintain as much detail with as less tris as possible...

I'll update it when I've more, I know it's not much yet but I just wanted to share what I had so fart :D

By the way, if someone knows a simple way to use nurbs booleans to smash craters in the bandages around the eyes, your help would be very, very appreciated.

Jake in 3d