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2013-01-20 10:24:00 by RazorShader

Bup bup bwoop, character revisions all the way.
Made an update to Jake, Stabby and Agent Orange; the versions to the far right in the image below.
As you can see they evolved quite a bit, although the first two stories didn't contain all 3 characters. In The Quest for the Yrgonium, Stabby was a loner, where Jake teamed up with Jebus in Reprobabilitation.

I'm not sure if and if yes when I will use these versions, since I'm currently working slowly on a WWII-themed animation.
Updates about that project will follow, so brace yourself for guys like Roland Rofelkopf, Wilhelm Omgriff, Vladimir Jedski en Nikolai Lemaowicz :D :D :D



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2013-01-20 10:52:44

SQUAIDS = Squirrel Aids

RazorShader responds:

I know, that's why I try not to fuck too many squirrels without a condom.


2013-05-22 01:19:58

Oh my you're still live!!


2013-09-20 10:33:58



2014-07-02 17:23:46

eh mister i wanna ask you a thing
how jake tulper was revived 2 times?

RazorShader responds:

For some reason I'm a sucker for sequels; I just start over again with the same characters. The first time Jake was revived by magic, the second time by science. I hop this late response answers your questions ;)


2015-12-29 20:01:36

Hey,The ??? Thingy should be 'Revival & Revenge 2'

I know how it's going to go.

Agent orange dies again!

RazorShader responds:

"Again"? Did you see him actually get shot? ;)


2015-12-29 20:01:49

Probably a spoiler?


2016-01-08 09:23:43

How about 'Agent Mandarine's revenge' (Agent Mandarine is Agent Orange's brother) Or you name the agent if his name is very funny.

RazorShader responds:

Agent Orange wasn't named after the fruit; it was a crude joke. The name "Agent Orange" was previously used for a chemical compound the U.S. military used to defoliate the Vietnam lanscape, but had nasty side effects to the people exposed and their progeny, which is why I decided to make my main bad guy not only an agent, but orange colored as well.
Also, I wanted to keep the ending of Revival & Revenge semi-open: it merely implied Jake shot Agent Orange, but I have actually made multiple plans for a sequel where Jake, Stabby and Agent Orange were put into prison together, forced to work together to bust out. These plans were never realised, however, but I might someday. Currently I'm very slowly working on another project, featuring the characters I mentioned in the post above. It makes me cringe though when I realised it has been three years of re-designing the main character for that animation as well (14 versions).


2016-07-24 23:10:58

Jake's latest appearance looks worst than the 2 previous ones. Reprobabilitation's Jake has actual good eyes. Revival and Revenge's Jake has a good mouth, better clothing and a better hat, but the latest Jake lacks those.
The other two are fine though.


2017-01-09 03:31:34

ur ded, not big surprois.