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MadnessDay 2009

9/17/09 by RazorShader
Updated 9/24/09

It approaches... And I´ve still a lot to do.

New screenie below.

Edit: Working on the final scene now, I still have more than 12 hours to finish it...

Edit 2: Finished... YES... Still about 12 hours left, but I'm having some conversion problems...


Latest Art Portal submission: orshader/jake-l-tulper

MadnessDay 2009


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Teenager strips and plays with dildo on camera. Father walks in.
Dont know how longer it will stay up!

It's awesome

9/24/09 RazorShader responds:

and so am i :D
no just kidding, good to see you like it too

ill review your new movie later today. i promise. As long as you respond to the review.

9/23/09 (Updated 9/23/09) RazorShader responds:

haha, ok, i will. could you recommend it for the MD09 collection then as well, because it's still not in it :\
EDIT: nvm, it's in the list now ;)

Hope you win this year, your flash was actually pretty damn good,

9/22/09 RazorShader responds:

Thanks, but don't count on it. I don't think I'll win, at least not the first prize. If I'm lucky I get tenth or something, but I don't think that's going to happen either.

So Your submitting any animation at all by then :3

9/19/09 RazorShader responds:

Yep I´ll try to finish it, but othwerwise I´ll submit whatever I have so far, end it with "to be continued" and replace the file when I have.

Yeh! You have been rescouted :D

9/19/09 RazorShader responds:

Hell yeah! Thanks for telling me, because somehow I didn't recieve a PM like the last two times I got scouted.